Dig Deep [2022]

Dig Deep is an isometric digging arcade adventure game made for Pico-8, where a player needs to dig down a hidden cemetery under their house to save a family heirloom and made it back to the surface before the time is up, or risk losing the heirloom forever.

The game was part of Culture Bytes: Classic Collard Jam hosted by Melanated Game Kitchen, which focused on exploring the culture of the African Diaspora for 2-weeks.

In this project, I learned to make really low resolution pixel sprite art for the first time, since Pico-8 use only one 128px x 128px texture sheet for the art of the whole game, including the character, environment, and effects. I was also responsible to create splash art and banner art for the game page on Itch.io.

Release Date: March 2022 | Platform: WebGL, PC, Mac, Linux, Pico-8, Raspberry Pi.

[Game site on Itch.io]

[Add character, environment and effect art – WIP in Portfolio2022]