GGJ: Hello Sportsfans [2016]

You’ve finally snagged season tickets to watch your local Sports team play Sports live and you are so excited to be a real Sportsfan! But as you get there, you realize you don’t know any of the rituals and chants that Sportsfans usually do — you don’t even know what the RULES to Sports are, for that matter! Try to be the best fan you can be by pressing the [A] and [B] buttons in time with the other fans’ chants while you try to learn how a game of Sports is played.

Hello Sportfans is a 3D rhythm game where the player needs to figure out which motion to choose by mimicking other NPCs around them, to emulate the experience of watching sport event in an unfamiliar stadium, with no knowledge of the cheering ritual of the fans. By listening and watching visual cues, the player can join in the fun in cheering and supporting their favorite team. I was responsible for creating all the 3D art assets, after a long hiatus from game-making.

Release date: January 2016 | Platform: MS Windows, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)

Project site: [Global Game Jam] | Dev log: [popoko blog]


  • Philip Fortier – Design, Programming
  • Solon Scott – Original Concept, Design, Directing, Sound
  • Sean Burton – Original Concept, Design, Sound
  • Tania Pavlisak – Design, Art & Animation


  • Unity
  • 3D Studio Max
  • Photoshop