GGJ: Skunkoffee [2010]

Skunkoffee was multiplayer strategy coffee shop simulation where 4 different players try to reap as much profits as possible by selling coffee, hoarding coffee beans, and sabotage your competitors. The game was created for a 48-hour Global Game Jam 2010 with the theme of Deception, using XNA.

This project was my first attempt to learn game development. I had no prior experience and decided to just give it a try, and somehow ended up working with three Microsoft engineers who also worked at Xbox. Talk about nerve-wrecking. I knew how to use Photoshop and joined the team as the only artist, doing 2D sprite props and UI. It was a great learning experience.

Release date: Jan 2010 | Platform: PC.

[look for sprite from old laptop]

Video from presentation:

Presentation Part 1
Presentation Part 2
Presentation Part 3
Presentation Part 4