GGJ: Wavebot VR [2017]

Wavebot VR was an action VR experience where player acts as a giant robot with spaghetti noodle arms and legs that tries to defend a city from an enemy invasion, but doing a poor job at it. It was created for Global Game Jam 2017 in 48 hours.

The premise for this experience was to use four different VR controllers simultaneously. We implemented two controllers for the hand, and two controllers for the legs.

For this game jam, I was responsible to create breakable building, Unity art integration, simple navmesh and AI system.

Release date: January 2017 | Platform: PC/HTC Vive with 4 controllers.

Game Project: [Global Game Jam] |Repository: [github]

Blogs: [ My Postmortem ] | [ Project Blog ]

Game screenshots:


Playtesting on the final day

Me testing the controllers:

We snagged a play tester on early day 3:

Another Sunday (day 3) playtesting: