Habitat Hopper [2018]

Habitat Hopper is a top-down puzzle game where player can help a family of goat migrating to a better place by affecting the surrounding environment. Within this game, we introduce the concept of green bridge, reclaiming farming lands, and also planting the goat’s favorite food to lure them away to a better location. We also put man-made structures like city and road, to show how human structures can affect creatures ability to survive.

This game was created in 48 hours for Climate Change/Games for Our Future Game Jam. Although the topic of this game is really serious, we try to make the game more light-hearted with using cute goat, silly music, and board-game hex terrains. To our surprise, this game won the second place for Judge Favorite award.

Project page: [link] | Article about event | Blog post

[screen from game]