LD40: Penguin Soup Kitchen

Penguin Soup Kitchen is a first person, resource management game, where player controls a penguin character, Chef Pengu, that run a fish restaurant. This game was a collaboration between me and my husband, created for a 72 hours Ludum Dare 40 game jam, with the theme of “The more you have it, the worse it is.”

The idea behind the game was balancing the use of fish as shop ingredient and in-game currency. The player rents the restaurant from a landlord, for a weekly fee of X amount of fish. These fish can be collected from the customers, which can also be used as cooking ingredients. Unfortunately, the fish does not last long, and once one fish go bad, the others would soon turn bad as well. The end goal of the game was to use up non-bad fish as ingredients while saving enough good fish to pay rent, or else Chef Pengu will lose the shop.

For this project, I was in charge of 3D art, all made from scratch, animation, level design, and Unity integration. Unfortunately, we were not able to finish the game in time and did not submit it.

Release date: N/A | Target platform: PC

Work in progress videos:

Day 2 evening build, showing angry customers animation:

Day 2 night build, angry customers with texture: