Never Gets Any Easier [2021]

Never Gets Any Easier is a visual novel & point and click investigative game that takes place in a seemingly prestigious game studio, where players role-play as a headstrong HR worker, speak to others at the studio to help solve a flurry of problems studio members deal with, to ensure the company can keep going and the products get released on time. Or at least, that’s what the original plan was. The more players dig through the company’s secrets, the more dirt they find.

This project was created for Safe Space Now game jam hosted by UN Women and Code Coven, with the design to showcase issues that many People of Color and women face in the workplace. Unfortunately, due to too-large scope and game-breaking bugs right before submission, we were unable to submit in time. However, we still ended up with tons of art assets, and the other members learned that sometimes it is okay not to submit.

For this jam, I was responsible for creating 2D background, props and a few character sprite art, while also mentoring other members about game jam and game development.

Release date: N/A | Platform: N/A

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