Starting Shape Design Class

In the last few years, I keep hearing the term shape language, form language, shape design, etc getting thrown around in art talks and classes. However as I try to look up these terms online, I was not able to learn much. I even asked some artist friends, and the information was not very clear.

A few weeks ago, I found a 5-weeks course on Shape Design from Brainstorm School. I have been avoiding a live art class, since I feel like I’m still lacking the fundamentals, and work really slow when it comes to 2D drawing/painting. However, as I checked the instructor’s portfolio, some of his designs reflect what I want to learn. The instructor, Norris Lin, works for God of War: Ragnarok. His designs have interesting shapes, and I hope I can learn some of that from the course, so I signed up.

The class will start tonight, and let’s hope I can survive in the next 5 weeks!

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