Game Jam & Hackathons

Game Jam & Hackathons

Whenever I’m not too swamped with freelance work, I try to participate in game jam and hackathon. I treat these events as a free boot camp for learning new things, meeting people, networking, trying new technology, and keep myself updated with the latest tools.

So far I have participated in over 25 game jams and hackathons. Below are some of the projects:

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Currying Flavor

A short escape-room / puzzle game in a strange dungeon, where the player needs to cook food and make their way out of this underground village.

I was responsible for leading the team, game design, level design, lighting, art integration, testing, and creating additional environment art asset using Unity built-in packages.

Release date: October 2022 | Platform: PC


A turn-based strategy RPG about farming in the post-apocalyptic desert wastelands.

I was responsible for 2D environment art asset and plant design.

Release date: May 2022 | Platform: PC, Mac, WebGL

Dig Deep

An isometric digging arcade adventure game where a player needs to dig down underground to save a family heirloom and made it back to the surface before the time is up.

I was responsible for the 2D art assets.

Release Date: March 2022 | Platform: WebGL, PC, Mac, Linux, Pico-8, Raspberry Pi.

Space Garden

A cozy, visual novel, rhythm game trailer about a space gardener who raises temperamental alien plant in order to get rich, lead a better life for herself and her community.

I was responsible for pitching, leading the team, and creating 2D environment art.

Release date: August 2021 (trailer only)

CDC Respiratory Training VR

A short training demo on N95, how to identify it, and how to properly wear it, based on existing CDC training material.

I was responsible for mentoring and leading the team and creating 3D props.

Release Date: 2018 | Platform: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift

Award: 2018 Immersive Healthcare Hackathon – Task Training for Public Health

Habitat Hopper

A top-down puzzle game where player help a family of goat migrating to a better place by affecting the surrounding environment.

I was responsible for game design and art integration.

Release date: 2018 | Platform: PC

Award: 2nd Place Judge Favorite for Climate Change/Games for Our Future Game Jam

Space Lemon VR

A comedy puzzle game where the player need to figure out how to keep their space ship running.

I was responsible for creating all the art assets.

Release Date: 2017 | Platform: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift

Wavebot VR

An action VR experience where player acts as a giant robot with spaghetti noodle arms and legs that tries to defend a city from an enemy invasion, but doing a poor job at it. It uses 4 different controllers for arms and legs.

I was responsible for Unity art integration.

Release date: 2017 | Platform: HTC Vive

Poggio Civitate VR

An archeology simulation experience using open-source archeology data from Open Context to generate in-game buried object and locations.

I was responsible for creating 3D props.

Release date: 2016 | Platform: HTC Vive

Award: 1st OpenContext & Carleton University Data Visualization Prize

Holorover AR

An AR simulation to teach LOGO programming by using instruction to move and rotate a vehicle to selected locations.

I was responsible for creating 3D props and testing.

Release date: 2016 | Platform: Microsoft Hololens 1