Adventure Game Jam 2023 Pt 4 – Library

The library car supposed to be a sleeper car, but I had this idea of turning it into some cozy space where the character can relax. In the beginning, I was thinking to use snowy mountain as the outside area with blizzard going on, to create the contrast between outside weather vs warm library indoor. During later brainstorm, we decided to change the background into space.

Mood board and reference for Library car

Similar to the sushi car process, first I created 4 different designs for this library car, and asked my team to vote the design the like most. The vote ended up in a tie between B and C. Since both design were fairly similar, I decided to do both.

Votes for library car design, tie between B and C

I started creating the big structure pieces first. I also reuse some asset from the Sushi Train, such as the doorway, floor, ceiling, and foreground elements.

Initial design for Library B interior
Initial design for Library C interior

Once the big portions were done, I started adding props such as books, clock, fireplace accessories.

Library B with props

For animation, I was thinking to leave big portion of it to visual effect, such as stars, falling star and fire for the fireplace. I did add simple animation for the clock’s pendulum in both library, and also made the bed’s curtain interact-able in Library C.

Library C with props

At this point, I call both library cars done. Next week, we will touch on Cloud car process. Thank you for reading!

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