Shape Design Week 1

Last week I started the first class of Shape Design from Brainstorm School. Norris Lin’s explanation was easy to understand, so I learned a lot in two hours.

For the first week, we learned about the concept of Large, Medium, Small (LMS). It’s one of the term I heard from other artists, but now it finally made sense. I also learned about how to use a good ratio between these LMS and make the design more interesting. Then, using deformation, we can add gesture to our design and add personality.

Here are my homework for this week:

Part 1 – Shape study. For this one, I pick up some interesting looking rocks, and break the shapes into the large, medium and small shapes. Since rocks tend to be really noisy, I try to use 4 values.

Part 2 – Gestures. For this homework, I picked some of the rocks from previous study and deform them to make more interesting shape.

Part 3 -Original rock design. For this portion, I try to apply the previous studies and come up with my own rock shapes. I try to add bunny rock shapes in areas that I consider focal points. I have trouble in figuring out the lighting on the forms at times.

Although this class does not come with feedback, the teacher spent some time to give feedback to students who submit homework on time. For my submission, he seemed to like my use of limited colors. He advise to group together some of the shadows and light into bigger groups to make it less noisy and not break the whole LMS design.

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