Adventure Game Jam 2023 Part 6 – Final Touch

Since it got to the point that I needed to find some color palettes for each train, I started looking up some movie screenshots. Movies always have good colors already and made great reference.

When I got to this movie, Hero (2002), I instantly love the blue and green colors. I can picture to use these colors for the sushi car and cloud car.

Screenshot and color palette from Hero (2002)
Colored Sushi car – VFX done by Jadon
Colored Cloud Car – VFX done by Jadon

For the library car, I wanted something red but more cozy and warm instead of aggressive. Since there was a fireplace, I also considered using orange or yellow tone to match to the fire color. I came over these screenshots (and forgot to note the movie title >.<) which had the color I have in mind.

Reference palette for library car
Colored Library car – VFX by Jadon

For the engine train car, I wanted something more cool. I saw these screeenshots from Playtime, which had almost monochrome color, with an extra tint that make a difference.

Colored Engine Car Train, with our beloved hamster and its conductor hat

One day before submission, while the rest of the team tried to put things together, I put together opening scene with all the assets we already have. I figure, a game isn’t complete with opening scene, main gameplay, and an ending, so it was somewhat high priority.

Opening scene

I made the engine train and passenger train as modular pieces too, so we can make it as short or as long as we want.

By submission time, we have our game done just in time~

Here is a short gameplay video. If the video does not seem available, please refresh the page.

Thank you for reading! You can download and play the game from

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