Undead Darlings: Police Station

Undead Darlings: Police Station

About Undead Darlings~ No Cure for Love

Undead Darlings~ No Cure for Love is a dungeon crawler, visual novel game where the main protagonist, with the help of a group of half-zombie girls, who somehow still retain their sanity, look for the cure for this zombie-outbreak. The game play is similar to Phantasy Star IV (battle system), Persona (dungeon crawling) and The Walking Dead (narrative).

Release Date: September 2020 | Platform: PC, Mac, Switch, PS4, PS5

About Police Station Level

Police Station level was a combined work of four different environment artists, where each artist took part in creating specific modular kits. For this level, I was mainly responsible for medium and small size props, such as: bullpen/cubicle partitions, office props, flags and wall decorations.

Modular Kits:

Below are some custom kits I created for this level.

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Undead Darlings Trailer video:

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