Undead Darlings: Sewer & Secret lab Levels

Undead Darlings: Sewer & Secret lab Levels

About Undead Darlings~ No Cure for Love

Undead Darlings~ No Cure for Love is a dungeon crawler, visual novel game where the main protagonist, with the help of a group of half-zombie girls, who somehow still retain their sanity, look for the cure for this zombie-outbreak. The game play is similar to Phantasy Star IV (battle system), Persona (dungeon crawling) and The Walking Dead (narrative).

Release Date: September 2020 | Platform: PC, Mac, Switch, PS4, PS5

About Sewer Level

This sewer level was originally assigned and designed by Nick Berg. It did not have much lighting source and tend to be very dark. I got brought on to fix materials, lighting issue, optimize mesh, add variations and create new props to brighten up the sewer.

About Secret Lab Level

The Secret Lab was designed by Brian Van Horn. I was brought in later on to fix some lighting and modeling issues, and also came up with new pieces that can fit the existing art style.

Sewer Original Assets:

Secret Lab Original Assets:

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Undead Darlings Trailer:

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