Study of A Commodity

“Study of A Commodity” is an interactive Virtual Reality experience that glimpsed into Pikuni/Blackfeet tribe culture and tradition that reflected in Louis Still Smoking’s painting of the same name. This project was directed by Caroline Running Wolf, who was selected as 2017 Oculus Launchpad Scholarship recipient, with the goal of bringing conversation and awareness to contemporary Native American’s issues.

For this project, I was responsible to create all the environment assets from scratch, integrate them in Unity, and made prototype for each level to showcase to clients and other viewers.

Platform: Samsung GearVR.

This VR project is divided into three different levels, where each level has its own unique art style.

scene 1: homeland misconception

The level for Scene 1 shows misconception of what the majority of people think of Native American’s homeland.

scene 2/3: art alley

For scene 2 and 3, the viewer has the opportunity to view an art alley featuring a mini gallery of Louis Still Smoking’s artworks, while also listening to the conversation between the narrator and the artist about various contemporary Native American topics.

scene 4: homeland

In Scene 4, the viewer gets to see a stylized world of Native American’s homeland, with the palette taken from Louis Still Smoking’s painting, “Study of a Commodity”. This level is a contrast of the first level, as it is not bleak but full of colors.