Undead Darlings~ No Cure for Love

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Undead Darlings~ No Cure for Love is a dungeon crawler, visual novel game where the main protagonist, with the help of a group of half-zombie girls, who somehow still retain their sanity, look for the cure for this zombie-outbreak. The game play is similar to Phantasy Star IV (battle system), Persona (dungeon crawling) and The Walking Dead (narrative).

Release Date: September 2020 | Platform: PC, Mac, Switch, PS4, PS5

There are a total of six dungeons in this game.

high school:

High school level was inspired by Japanese high school found in anime and manga. I was given free reign to design all the asset for this level, which was really fun.


Hospital level was assigned to another environment artist. I was brought later on to do some asset modification, such as modifying material, optimizing the models, and creating new assets for set dressing.

shopping Mall:

Shopping mall was the first level created for the game’s Kickstarter demo. It was a collaboration between several different environment artists. In the beginning, I was involved in making small and medium props. Later on, I was brought back in to do some modification and creating new set dressing assets.

police station

This level was a collaboration of several environment artist. I got my inspiration from other horror games such as Resident Evil, while still maintaining modern look.


The sewer might be dark and bleak, but it was my job to brighten the place and added additional props to show that hope is somewhere on the horizon.

secret lab:

Just like the hospital and sewer levels, they were assigned to other environment artists, and I was brought in later on to modify the assets and create new set dressing.